I.B.Y. box (I Believe You box)

Child sexual abuse (CSA) can have a long-lasting impact on our minds and self-image. The trauma associated with CSA often leads to a state of denial and dissociation, making it difficult to accept the truth and move on.

Venting is the process of confining your thoughts, emotions, and traumatic experiences in a safe and non-judgemental space. Speaking up about situations and memories that haunt our minds often helps us heal, trust good people, and feel mentally free again. It is always safe and advisable to vent anonymously in case of difficulty/ mistrust in revealing your identity.

Hence, we have an anonymous platform, where anyone can share their CSA experience, and further, it is our responsibility to put your story and words in front of the world.

H.O.P.E. (Hold On, Pain Ends)

H.O.P.E. (Hold On, Pain Ends)
A place where love flourishes us and keeps us away from this chaotic world.

A place of being compassionately heard with constant lending ears, to let out all your fears.
All a survivor sometimes needs is a safe place to talk about the child’s sexual abuse and the things they are struggling with. But it is too difficult to find one.

‘Bachpan Save The Innocence’ has started an initiative to come up with a Support Group called H.O.P.E for all survivors who dealt with child sexual abuse. A place where one can connect with other survivors and share their experiences and discuss the problems they are facing in their healing journey and support them.

It will be completely an anonymous group and classified into different age groups, so one can easily and comfortably connect with other survivors. So, just feel free to register yourself into these support groups in the registration form of H.O.P.E.
Don’t forget to download the ‘Discord’ App from Play Store or Apple Store. We will soon be connecting you all. For any more related queries, feel free to DM us.

Testimonials by Survivors